We are all familiar with the New Tab in the browser a starting place to begin your navigation. In this moment we spend less than a second in most cases and don’t realize how useful this page might be.

With our chrome extensions we want you to stay on the new tab page longer, by adding in cool features, and want to make your start page unique to you by adding in personal customisation options.

After installation your new tab page will have a great design, look and feel. Giving you a powerful searcher and options to add your own customisation, also the great thing about our extension is that when you close all your tabs by mistake this will remember and restore them in an instant without you having to load up each page again!

Ecumatrix is leading the way in innovators of chrome tab extensions, why not try it today, it is totally free to use. Download Extension

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Tab Rescue Extension

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Our Latest Chrome Extension. Tab Rescue will remember all your tabs and if you lose them, it will remember and you can easily get them back.  Also you can save your tabs for future reference.


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